What is Bulky?

Bulky is a free web-based tool for bulk editing tasks in Asana via .CSV or .XLSX import. It works like Asana's CSV import tool except that you can use it not only to create new tasks but to update existing tasks as well.

Upload a CSV or Excel file with the tasks you want to edit or add. Before beginning, you may download a template that already contains a sample of 100 tasks already in your My Tasks List to make it easy to understand how it works.

2. Preview & approve changes

Preview the changes about to be made and optionally download an "Undo File" which will let you revert any changes you're about to make.

3. Import into Asana

Approve the previewed changes and submit the file for import. You will see a result within a few minutes and your changes will go live in Asana.

What columns/fields are supported?

Currently Bulky supports most fields that are included in the free version of Asana. These are:

Custom Columns are not yet supported but I'm hoping to get to them soon.

How much does Bulky cost?

Bulky is free. There is a limitation on the number of tasks allowed to be changed in a single file or over a period of time simply because doing large task imports into Asana is an expensive operation in terms of required engineering, computing power, and time. 

Maybe down the road I'll add some paid plans if there's demand for enterprise-y functionality like reporting, automation, support, and larger import limits.

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